PrimeShine Chain Cleaner is perfectly formulated to lift tough, built up dirt and grime from your chain.

Perfect for removing grease and oil, it leaves your chain looking new again while protecting against contaminants and corrosion.

It’s easy to use with minimal effort, giving you the perfect surface to apply a fresh coat of lubricant or wax.

How to use your Chain Cleaner 

Step 1: Place the bike on a stand of your choice and ensure it is secure.

Step 2: Apply Chain Cleaner to the full length of the chain and all surfaces of the links.

Step 3: Work the dirt loose using a brush or cloth.

Step 4: Apply a final coat of Chain Cleaner and wipe the chain clean using a clean rag.

Step 5: Lubricate your chain before riding. For best results use a chain lubricant from our BananaSlip range.

Important: Suitable for use on paints and plastics. Always check for compatibility in a hidden area first.

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