BAT999 Battery-Guard Bluetooth Monitor (via a smartphone app, for cars, bikes, etc

Battery monitoring from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

With the Battery-Guard and Apple or Android App, you can now check your battery’s state of charge quickly and easily.

Several vehicles can be monitored
Easy install to the battery
Monitoring of 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries possible.
Power consumption is only about 6-24 MW
Reverse polarity does not cause damage to the transmitter or battery
App compatible from iPhone 4S or Android 4.3
CE approved

Download the Battery-Guard App from the App Store or Google Play Store under "Battery-Guard". Compatible from iPhone 4S, Android 4.3.

Attach the Battery-Guard to the battery terminals. Fix the transmitter to the cleaned battery using the adhesive film provided.

Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and then open the App. Bluetooth search mode is not required.

The transmitter appears in the list display. You can assign a name, an image and the rated voltage to the transmitter.

The full capacity and usability of the battery can be guaranteed only at a steady, positive state of charge.
The positive state of charge also prevents any potential premature damage or failure. We recommend recharging batteries as follows: when a 6V battery drops below 6.2 volt, a 12V battery below 12.50 volt and a 24V battery (series connection utility vehicles) below 24.8 volt.
To obtain a correct measurement, the vehicle should not be moved for a period of at least 3 hours. Connected accessories, such as lights and vehicle electronics, must not be in use.


Which requirements have to be met by my smartphone?
The Battery-Guard is compatible to IPhone 4S or higher and Android Smartphones with Android 4.3 or higher. It is important, that Android 4.3 is the basic operating system on the phone and not an update version. Older smartphones do not support the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard.

How much is the Battery-Guard’s operating range?
Depending on the mounting place, the Battery-Guard’s operating range is about 5m.

Why isn’t there a fuse with the Battery-Guard?
A fuse is obstructed in the Battery-Guard in order to avoid damages to the vehicle and the sensor. This fuse is activating itself automatically after connecting and disconnecting the sensor to the battery.

Can there be damage to the battery of the Battery-Guard if there is a reverse connection?
No, there won’t be any damage.

In which languages is the app available?
The app will be installed in German in German-speaking regions automatically, while in other countries it will be installed in English. Further languages are in preparation.

I am asked to enter a PIN – what to do?
No PIN is needed. Please only start the app and it will connect to the transmitter automatically. A connection of the smartphone with the transmitter via pairing is not necessary.

I do not get a connection to the Battery-Guard – what can be the error?
Is your smartphone suitable to the App? (see FAQ no. 1)
If the Battery-Guard is not mounted to the battery directly, please check if there is any voltage to the vehicle parts.
Is the Battery-Guard mounted correctly? Red cable + terminal / Black cable – terminal
The connection is breaking down again and again.
Please check the mounting place of the Battery-Guard. Perhaps the place is shielded so much, so the Bluetooth signal is too weak.
BAT999 Battery-Guard Bluetooth Monitor (via a smartphone app, for cars, bikes, etc

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