EBC MD1139 Brake Disc

by EBC

EBC MD1139 Brake Disc

These 100% British made units are produced by EBC Brakes in the new Northampton plant using Premium quality German mill rolled steel, heat treated to perfection and then diamond ground to micron accurate surface finish and parallelism and will deliver great brakes at less than Manufacturer prices that will perform and last.

Fits the following models:


CB 600 F 1 HORNET 2001
CB 600 F 2 HORNET 2002
CB 600 F 3 HORNET 2003
CB 600 F 4 HORNET 2004
CB 600 F 5 HORNET 2005
CB 600 F 6 HORNET 2006
CB 600 F Y HORNET 2000

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