HF128 Oil Filter

by HiFlo

Premium Oil Filters

Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TÜV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.

Fits the following models

Kawasaki Side X Side

KAF300 A1, B1-B2 MULE 500

KAF300 D1-D2 MULE 520

KAF300 C1-C7 MULE 550

KAF400 A1,A6F,A7F,A8F,A9F,AAF-AFF MULE 610 4x4 05-15

KAF400 C1,C6F-C9F MULE 610 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD 05-09

KAF400 CAF MULE 610 4x4 Realtree APG HD 10

KAF400 DAF-DGF,ECF-EGF,FEF-FGF,GGF MULE 610 4x4 XC / Camo / SE / Fleet 10-16


KAF400 EBF MULE 610 4x4 Realtree APG HD 11

KAF400 B1,B6F,B7F,BAF,B9F,BAF-BGF MULE 600 05-16

KAF620 C1-C6 MULE 2500

KAF620 A1-A6 MULE 2510 4x4

KAF620 B1-B6 MULE 2520

KAF620 G1-G5,G6F,G7F,G8F MULE 3000

KAF620 E1-E5,E6F,E7F,E8F MULE 3010 4 x 4

KAF620 H1 MULE 3010 4 x 4 Advantage Classic

KAF620 H2-H3,H6F,H7F,H8F MULE 3010 4 x 4 Hardwoods Green HD

KAF620 J1,J6F,J7F,J8F MULE 3010 Trans4x4

KAF620 K1,K6F,K7F,K8F MULE 3010 Trans4x4 Hardwoods Green HD

KAF620 F1-F3 MULE 3020

KAF620 M9F,MAF,MBF-MJF MULE 4010 4x4

KAF620 N9F MULE 4010 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD


KAF620 R9F,RAF-RJF MULE 4010 Trans 4x4

KAF620 S9F MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD

KAF620 SAF,SBF MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Realtree APG HD

KAF620 SEF-SJF MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Camo

KAF620 TGF-TJF MULE 4010 4x4 SE

KAF620 VGF-VJF MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Camo SE

KAF620 WJF MULE 4000 Trans 4x4

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