JTF 418 Front Sprocket

by JT
SKU JT-041814-BB-L

JTF 418 Front Sprocket

JT Steel Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel for the rear sprockets, and SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for the front sprockets. The JT Steel Sprockets range now contains over 2,500 parts for all motorcycles and ATVs.

Fits the following models:


KX125 A3-A5 77-79
KM90 A6 77
KC100 C1-C4 80-86
KE100 80
KH100 A2-A4 (EL) 78-81
KH100 G2-G4 (EX) 80-83
KH100 G5-G8 (EX) (6 Holes) 84-92
KH100 G9,G10 (EX) (6 Holes) 93-94
KH100 ES 77
KM100 A4-A6 78-82
KE125 A4-A12 76-87
KH125 A1-A4 77-82
KH125 L1,K1-K10 (EX) (6Holes) 83-98
KE175 B1-B3 76-78
KE175 D1-D2 79-80
KE175 D3-D5 81-83


GT100 76
TS100 ER 81


RS100 75-79

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